Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Vocals

Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Vocals


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Grammy Award–winning mix engineer Dave Pensado bestows his tips and techniques from years of recording vocals. The vocal sound in a production can be the differentiator between an amateur and a pro-level mix, and in these vocal-focused ITL episodes Dave covers the ins and outs of mixing your vocals.

Dave goes over EQing lead vocals to fit in your mix, getting background vocals to blend perfectly, understanding how to use compression to make a vocal jump out and mixing vocals using various types of EQ, compression and effects.

Dave then covers fixing “over de-ess’d” vocals, manipulating the top end on vocals, incorporating delay effects onto your vocals and applying vocal mixing techniques that Dave used for the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire.

Make your vocals shine, check out this Into The Lair series today!





Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Vocals

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