Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Keyboards

Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Keyboards


ilfsn | 1 Hour | 401MB

Grammy Award–winning mix engineer Dave Pensado shows you how to make your synth bass tracks, synth pads and Fender Rhodes tracks sound huge and fit perfectly into your mixes!

Synthesizers, basses, and pads all like to fight for the same space in a mix and in these keyboard focused ITL episodes Dave goes over mixing multiple synthesizers that all fight for the same frequency range and how to get giant synth bass tracks in your mixes.

Dave also reveals how to make bass that cuts, how to layer pads perfectly in a mix, use filters when mixing bass, and maximizing your bass tracks for impact.

Wrapping it all up, Dave shows you how to mix Rhodes pianos as well as mastering low end on stereo bass tracks. These ITL episodes will have your synth and keyboard tracks and mixes sounding better than ever fast!





Groove3 – Into The Lair – Dave On Keyboards

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